All the Van der Valk hotels are family businesses that have been handed down from one generation to the next. To ensure a sustainable future for these companies, it is essential that we handle the use of all resources with great care and economy and earn healthy profits in the long term.

Over the years, the hotel is seen as a solid partner in the local area. In addition, we want to be a reliable employer and support the local community.

Since 2013, there has been a work group within the hotel that is devoted to the topic of sustainability and environmental protection. Since March 2014 we have acquired the "Certified Green Hotel" seal.


  • We have employed 65 people full-time for many years and also train young people in apprenticeships as qualified hotel specialists, qualified restaurant specialists and qualified chefs.
  • We offer our employees at least one special training programme each month.


  • 95 % of all the light bulbs in the hotel are LED light bulbs.
  • Window contacts save energy for heating and air conditioning in all the hotel rooms.
  • We protect our resources with an intelligent temperature management system in the rooms in co-operation with our partner, Digicontrol.
  • All the water faucets in the bathrooms are equipped with water savers (water flow restrictors).
  • Timers and motion detectors are installed in all the common areas.
  • Any new appliances purchased have the Energy Label A or better.
  • All cleaning agents and washing-up liquids are dispensed from economical dosing containers.
  • 30 % of all restaurant products are sourced regionally.
  • 10 % of our restaurant products come from organically certified farms.
  • We offer event tickets in co-operation with German Rail. As a result, our guests have CO┬▓-neutral access to the hotel.
  • To reduce energy consumption in the coming three years by 15 %
  • To reduce gas consumption in the coming three years by 10 %
  • To reduce water consumption in the coming three years by 5 %
  • To reduce waste production by 10 % within three years


  • Economic advantages for the hotel are also generated by the efforts made towards environmental protection and the reliable co-operation with the people on location.
  • The costs for energy and waste disposal are increasing constantly, particularly as a result of the Renewable Energy Sources Act.
  • We have to counteract these increased costs with the help of suitable measures to maintain our competitive edge and thus to also secure jobs.
  • The expenses for electricity, gas, water and waste disposal currently make up 6 % of the total operating costs.