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Historical Cities

Experience the wonders of the past in nine historical cities

Braunschweig, Celle, Göttingen, Goslar, Hameln, Hannover, Hildesheim, Lüneburg and Wolfenbüttel – nine cities in Lower Saxony in which history is something you can experience at every turn.

Hameln is well-known for the story of the legendary pied piper. During the summer months, visitors can experience the world-famous story in a live, open-air performance right in the heart of the old city every Sunday and Wednesday. The Hanseatic city of Lüneburg never fails to impress visitors with its medieval charm. The city owes its wealth and the magnificent merchants’ houses to its location directly above a rich salt deposit. Student hustle and bustle is a trademark of Göttingen, an old, traditional university city with currently close to 25,000 students and more than 40 Nobel Prize winners over the years. The “Gänseliesel” (goose girl) is a famous statue on the market fountain in front of the medieval city hall.

The Royal Family of Guelph have left behind some impressive reminders of the past. Henry the Lion chose Braunschweig as his residence and had the statue of a lion erected as a sign of his reign. It can still be seen today as a trademark of the city standing on the medieval castle square.

In the residence city of Celle, visitors will find not only Germany’s oldest, completely preserved castle of the family of Guelph. They will also be able to see Europe’s largest collection of half-timbered buildings with more than 500 lovingly restored half-timbered structures. The rooms in the imposing castle in Wolfenbüttel are a fine display of life at court and ducal splendour; the world-famous Herzog August Library just opposite the castle is home to some important medieval documents, including the Gospels of Henry the Lion. Another impressive witness to the family of Guelph in Hannover are the Herrenhäuser Gärten. In the summer, the Large Garden, a unique Baroque garden, forms the backdrop for a fascinating musical fireworks display and for the traditional Herrenhausen festival weeks.

The dynamic UNESCO world cultural heritage city of Goslar fascinates its visitors with the medieval flair of the historical old city, the former Rammelsberg ore mine and the monumental royal palace.

The Cathedral and St. Michael’s Church, two Romanesque churches in Hildesheim, are also on the list of the UNESCO world cultural heritage sites. Another jewel is the historical market square, with the famous Butchers’ Guildhall.

These cities are an insider’s tip for anyone who loves the traditional Christmas season with its the festive atmosphere and Christmas cheer in a perfect setting. The traditional Christmas markets in all nine of these cities focus on spreading the Christmas spirit, not commerce, against impressive historical backdrops.

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