Sport & Recreation

Swimming pool, fitness room and sauna



Dive into a world of well-being in the hotel’s own swimming pool with its sauna and fitness room.

The hotel wellness area includes a 6 x 8-metre pool with counterflow system that is 1.30 metres deep. Lounge chairs are available for pool-side relaxation. Bathropes and slippers to be found in your closet on your room. Towels are available in the poolarea.

There is also a sauna area – separate for men and women – with two Finnish saunas and separate showers. The man's sauna may be used at its own discretion also as a mixed sauna. Lockers for your clothes and valuables can be found in the separate entrance area.

The fitness room is equipped with high-quality  training equipment, ideal for endurance and strength-training exercise programmes. A water cooler and a TV round out the offer. 

All these areas can be used separately from one another and have been designed to provide for adequate discretion and privacy.

Our hotel guests are welcome to use these facilities daily at any time from 7 am to 10 pm; this is included in the price of accommodation.