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Salon Valentina

Salon Valentina is open. For more information or to make an appointment please contact Valentina. 

Salon Valentina looks forward to pampering you with invigorating massages and cosmetic treatments. 

Valentina Gur’eva, our officially certified cosmetician, make-up artist and spiritual coach will pamper you with expert beauty treatments. 

New energy and beauty – take a break and pamper yourself for a change. The gentle skin-care product from Dr. Baumann contains high-quality plant and body-identical substances and vitamins. Experience a beauty treatment in an entirely new way in a relaxed atmosphere.

The treatments are individually customised depending on the condition of the skin and use skin-care products that contain no questionable ingredients, e.g. preservatives or perfumes..

Valentina - ganzheitliche Kosmetik 
Exklusiv-Seminar BUSINESS MAKEUP

Mobile: (0172) 8704568